Kiuwan Code Security allows you to perform a security-focused analysis of your source code.

This analysis is based on the detection of security issues and vulnerabilities through an in-depth inspection of your source code.

 Kiuwan Code Security provides a full report on security vulnerabilities, from a top view (Security Rating) to a fine-grain detailed view of vulnerabilities (and how to solve them).

Kiuwan Code Security arranges security aspects into the following dashboards:

  • Summary:
    • A comprehensive top view of your application security (overall security rating, vulnerabilities quadrant, effort to reach upper levels of security, top-10 security vulnerabilities, top-10 worst files and timeline evolution of security indicators) 
  • Files:
    • A file-based  top-down view of security issues, i.e. a view that is organized on how secure the source files of your application are, letting you identify which ones are less safe. 
  • Vulnerabilities:
    • A security analysis page where you can inspect and manage all the vulnerabilities found in your source code, allowing you to search for specific defects, filter by vulnerability type, priority (and other criteria), and find remediation tips for all the security issues found in the analyzed source code.
  • Action Plans:
    • A tool to create an action plan for the remediation of vulnerabilities. Create a personal plan according to the priority of the found defects, or by the amount of effort they entail, or by other criteria chosen by you. You can also automatically generate a What-if plan, based on how much effort you want to invest or which rating you want to achieve. 

Let’s go through them in detail.

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