This guide will introduce you to the Kiuwan Governance Module. 


Introduction to Kiuwan Governance

Kiuwan Governance has been designed for Security/QA Engineers or IT Managers.

It shows grouped results of the analyses performed on the account code grouped by portfolios; a piece of essential information for managing the applications at an executive level.

There are four default portfolios to help you manage your providers or development teams activity: 

  1. Business value
  2. Provider 
  3. Technology 
  4. Quality Model

Besides, you can create all the portfolios you need to sort your applications.

Permissions to access Governance module

By default, only an Account Owner can access the Governance module.

However, the account owner can grant access to the Governance module to any user. In User Management, select the user and click on User privileges and select View governance

IMPORTANT: By granting View governance privilege, the user is allowed to access the Governance module, but he/she will only see aggregated data from those applications that have "Read" permission.

Please visit User management - Set administration privileges for help on managing administration permissions.

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