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Account Owner and Administration Privileges


Any Kiuwan account always has an Account Owner.

The Account Owner is a user  granted with all the admin privileges, and it's initially assigned when the Kiuwan Account is created.

Nevertheless, the Account Owner can assign to any other user the role of owner.


Administration tasks can be accesed through the drop-down menu at the top-right corner.


In a just created Kiuwan account, only the account owner can access these admin options,  But admin privileges are not privative of the account owner.

Admin privileges can be granted to any other users of the Kiuwan account

Therefore, in Kiuwan there's not an admin user, but users with admin privileges. After assigning admin privileges to other users, those users can also execute admin actions as well as granting admin privileges to other users. 


To grant admin privileges to a user, just select that user in User Management module  and click on Administration privileges menu option.

Any user granted with ALL administration privileges becomes a de-facto Account Owner.



Administration privileges are the following:

Manage applications

Rights to create and delete applications and portfolios, as well as to modify any aspect of the application configuration (model, portofolio, audit, etc).

See Applications management

Manage users

Rights to create, delete and manage users, user groups and roles, as well as to assign permissions among them.

See User management

Manage models

Rights to create and delete custom models, as well as to modify any aspect of model configuration (rules, indicators, metrics, etc.)

See Models Manager User Guide

Manage audits

Rights to create and delete custom audits, as well as to modify any aspect of the audit configuration (checkpoints, etc.)

See Audits Management

Manage reports

Rights to create and delete custom reports, as well as to modify any aspect of the the reports (contents, widgets, etc.)

See Custom Reports




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