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When the user selects to generate a report, next dialog is presented.




Report Format:

 You can select between PDF or PowerPoint. 


To define the date range, there are two options:


select one of the pre-defined data ranges




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Note: "Apply actual range" will apply dates as set in the Calendar.

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Apply Global Filter:


By default, the report will be generated for all the applications within the selected time period.

Nevertheless, you can restrict the data report to any subset of applications.

If "Apply Global filter" is checked, only applications matching selected filter will be included in the report.


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Kiuwan Widgets Library

About Widgets



Kiuwan provides a complete library of widgets that you can use to build your custom report.


When you are creating the report, the widgets are Widgets are available from a tree-like palette.

You select any of them, configure its specifics properties and add it Add to the report.



Almost every widget shares Most of available widget share some common characteristics:


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