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  • Maximum number of Total defects
    • The Total number of defects in the delivery must not be higher than the defined threshold
  • Maximum number of New defects
    • The number of New defects (i.e. defects introduced by the delivery that don't exist in the baseline) must not be higher than the defined threshold.


  • Some other metrics such as :
    • Global Indicator improvement, Global Indicator defined threshold, Duplicated Code threshold, Percentage of Very High defects, etc.


Besides, Kiuwan not only allows you to define the number of defects, it also allows you to define the nature or type of those defects.
When selecting the nature or types of the defects considered in a checkpoint, you can specify the following criteria:


To create a checkpoint you should provide Name and Description.
Weight represents the relative weight of this checkpoint in the Audit.
Every checkpoint has an associated Weight that represents the relative weight of the checkpoint in the Audit. The weights you specify (integer values) will translate (automatically) into a percentage contribution to the overall Audit. Please see Audit evaluation logic to fully understand how this value is used in audit result calculation.
Mandatory checkbox indicates if the checkpoint is Mandatory (checked) or Optional (unchecked).
Maximum threshold indicates the maximun number defects that are allowed. When audit is executed, if the number of defects is higher than this value, the checkpoint will FAIL.
Type combo allows to select between the available checkpoint types. Please see Checkpoint Types for an explanation.

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Available checkpoint types:


Checks if the Global indicator is above the defined threshold

  • Duplicated code threshold

Checks if the percentage of Duplicated code is above a defined threshold 

  • Very High defects percentage 

Checks if the percentage of Very High defects is above a defined threshold

Depending on the selected checkpoint type, you wiil be able to specify that only defects of selected languages, characteristics and priorities will be taken into account when evaluating the checkpoint.

In this example, the checkpoint evaluation will only compare with the threshold those defects of Very High priority belonging to Maintainability or Security in Java or Cobol source files.
In case you prefer that only defects of certain types be considered, click on Search defect types  and select the desired rules by searching the Kiuwan rules repository.