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This guide will show you how to manage your subscription to Kiuwan. 




The subscription page is only accessible to the account owner.

Go to Account Management > Subscription to access the subscription page. This allows you to view your subscription data as well as limits and actual consumption. 

This page is divided into four sections, as explained below:

  • Details of your subscription
  • Account consumption for the last 30 days
  • Consumption by application
  • Kiuwan for developers (IDE plug-in) license use

Details of your subscription

This section displays the following subscription data:

Account id

Kiuwan account ID that uniquely identifies your account in the Kiuwan system.

Account ownerE-mail address of account’s owner
ProductsWhich Kiuwan modules are included in the subscription.
Account LOC limitThe maximum number of LOC (source code) for the whole account. It is calculated by adding the LOC of the last baseline analysis of every application.

This is not a limit on "analyzed" lines, indeed you can analyze the same application as many times as you need (see limits on analysis execution below).

 Consumed LOCThe current size of the source code of all account applications. It’s the actual consumption of the Account LOC limit. This number is calculated summing up the LOC of the last analysis of every application.

Whenever an analysis arrives at Kiuwan, it will calculate the resulting size of the whole account.

  • If the analysis belongs to an existing application, its size will substitute the size of the last analysis of that application.
  • If it is the first analysis of a new application, its size will increase the total loc of the account

If that calculated size is higher than the Account LOC limit, the analysis will be rejected and the system will inform of this circumstance with a message like this:

It seems that you have tried to analyze an application that exceeds your current account limits [Size: 1,203,626 LOC, Limit: 1,200,000 LOC].

 Expiration dateThe expiration date of the Kiuwan account. Before this date arrives, account expiration emails are sent to the account owner.

Kiuwan for Developers

The number of licenses per type:

  • Analyzer mode licenses
    • Number of licenses that allow analyzing code within the IDE
  • Remote Viewer mode
    • Number of licenses that allow viewing defects stored at 
    • This kind of license allows to select the analysis (baseline, delivery, action plan, etc.), download the associated defects and keep track of them within the IDE

Please see Kiuwan for Developers - Working modes for further information on the Kiuwan IDE Plugin analyzer and viewer modes.

Last 30 days account consumption

This section graphically displays the account analysis consumption during the last 30 days.

Consumption is compared against the limit as follows.

The yellow line (Analyzable LOC limit (last 24h)) means the maximum number of analyzable LOC in a period of 24 hours. This is a fixed limit established when a subscription is purchased.  It’s usually a flat horizontal line (unless the subscription limit has been modified during the displayed period).

The blue line (Analyzed LOC (last 24h)) represents the number of analyzed LOC in the last 24-hours, calculated for every hour of every day (therefore indicating the analyzed LOC consumption).

Whenever both lines meet, it means that account analysis limit is reached.

What happens if that limit is reached?

When a new analysis arrives at Kiuwan, a calculation is made summing up all the analyzed LOC from that moment until 24 h before. If that number reaches the account limit, that analysis will be queued, and after 1 minute it will be again dispatched to execution (performing again the comparison). At the moment the limit is not reached, the analysis will be executed.

Consumption by application

This section displays analyzed LOC per application during the last 30 days. Also, it shows how many analyses were executed for every application in that period.

Kiuwan for Developers (IDE Plug-In)

This section displays the current count of active (consumed) K4D licenses per mode (analyzer vs viewer).


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