How to Set Source Code Filters with Kiuwan Local Analyzer (KLA)

The source code filter mechanism

If there are files and directories you do not want to analyze, you can set a filter for them. KLA has a source code filter mechanism based on Ant-style include and exclude patterns. Here are some example patterns (find more here): 

Set source code filters

  1. Specify the root directory (SOURCE_DIRwhere the source code files are located in Folder to analyze.
    (By default, KLA analyzes every file in this folder).

  2. Click on Advanced

  3. A new window displays

    Include patterns specify what subset(s) of files will be analyzed.

    Exclude patterns specify what subset(s) of file will not be analyzed.

  4. If you want to add patterns, click the + button. A new window will appear: 

  5. If you want to remove a pattern, select it and click the - button.
     If you want to edit an existing pattern or copy the text, double click on it.

Exclude patterns take precedence over include patterns.

If you define the patterns below, the analysis will not process any js file:

  • Include : src/**.js
  • Exclude: **/**.js

The exclude pattern defines: exclude all .js files in any directory and with any name. Therefore, the include pattern has no effect.

The table below explains how the whole mechanism works and what fileset will be analyzed by Kiuwan:

Include pattern



Exclude pattern


The whole SOURCE_DIR will be analyzed

Only the resulting fileset after inclusion of matched files will be analyzed


Only the resulting fileset after exclusion of matched files will be analyzed

First, the exclusion pattern reduces the SOURCE_DIR

Second, over the above fileset, only those files matching the include pattern will be processed

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