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The SAPEX hybrid approach



Based on functional and architectural constraints, Kiuwan customers usally decide to combine local and remote approaches.

Among all the possible combinations, there's one that's widely implemented: the hybrid approach.


Please, bear in mind that this is only a possiblity, you can suit the SAPEX installation to your specific needs by using the local and remote utilities provided by Kiuwan. Contact us for further assistance.


A hybrid approach is a variation of the remote scenario that provides an automatic analysis of deliveries.

  1. Baseline analyses: 
    1. remote extraction of source files 
      1. via remote scripts (see Remote use - Analysis outside the SAP Server), or
      2. through ZKW_SAPEX_CODE program but with local download (via SAP Logon remote and selecting a local directory) (see SAPEX Local use Extract ABAP source code)
    2. remote analysis
      1. using Kiuwan Local Analyzer Deprecated over the extracted source files
  2. Deliveries analyses (in progress or resolved):
    1. local extraction of source files to a shared file system, reachable from both servers (SAP server and analysis server)
      1. automatically executed by BAdl (Local use - Resolved Deliveries) for resolved deliveries, or
      2. through the ZKW_SAPEX_CODE program selecting local download for in progress deliveries
    2. remote analysis
      1. executed on the analysis server over the shared file system, but remotely invoked by SAP server (through ssh or any analogous utility)




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