This guide will show you how to configure additional Maven repositories to improve the Kiuwan searching capabilities. 


Local configuration of Kiuwan Insights repositories

Configure additional repositories by editing the ${KLA_INST_DIR}/conf/ file

Local Maven Repository

In case your installation contains a local Maven repository, you can configure KLA to search for components' information also in your local repository.

To do it, configure the location through the property: 

#Directory where the local maven repository is.

Additional Public Maven Repositories

By default, Kiuwan searches for components' information in Maven central. We will be adding some other public repositories, but you can also add repositories you know are using.

To add additional public Maven repositories, add those repos to property: maven.public.repositories

#Url of public repositories (different to maven repository) for example,
#separated by comma.

Additional Private Maven Repositories

If you are accessing private Maven repos, add them using the below properties 

#Remote repositories data.
#If you need add other remote repositories you can add new properties 
#with next number at the end of word repository (repository2, repository3,...)