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Lock Engine

Go to Account Management > Engine to freeze the analysis engine to the latest version currently used by Kiuwan Local Analyzer. This means the engine won't automatically be updated when you run an analysis and new versions are available.

You can revert this behavior anytime coming back to this page and unlocking the engine. In that case, the next time you run an analysis with the Kiuwan Local Analyzer, the analysis engine will be automatically updated to the latest version available.


This will only apply to analysis executed locally with the Kiuwan Local Analyzer, not those made in uploading the source code.

Central Analysis Configuration

Finally, in the last section you can upload a ZIP file with the analysis configuration extracted from your Kiuwan Local Analyzer, once you have customized it to your needs. You may upload it with its MD5 checksum in order to ensure the integrity of its contents. If you don't upload it, Kiuwan will calculate such checksum for you.

Once uploaded, this configuration will be automatically synchronized by all Kiuwan Local Analyzer instances, so you don't have to do it every time you download a brand new copy of KLA. You can also download the last version of the ZIP file uploaded, if you want to check its contents.

Note that if you remove this configuration, all Kiuwan Local Analyzer instances will keep their current local configuration. In other words, removing the central analysis configuration ZIP file won't revert agent instances to their default configuration automatically.

Please refer to Centralized analysis configuration documentation section for details on how to create the files that can be uploaded in this section.


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