How to analyze Oracle Forms with Kiuwan Local Analyzer (KLA)

Convert Forms binary files to XML

To analyze Oracle Forms in the Kiuwan Solution, your Forms binary files (*.fmb) must be converted to XML format.

  1. Install the Oracle Developer Suite, which includes the Oracle conversion tool. 
  2. Follow the steps described in the Oracle documentation to convert the *.fmb files to XML format.

If you have experience with the Apache ant tool, you can use the %kiuwanlocalanalyzer%/bin/oracleforms_convert.xml ant script:

> cd <kiuwanlocalanalyzer_install_dir>/bin
> ant -f oracleforms_convert.xml -DDEVSUITE=<OracleDevSuite_install_dir> -Dpath=<your_forms_source_dir>

Analyze the converted XML files

The converted XML files are left in the same directory as the original form files.

Use this directory as the input directory for the Kiuwan Local Analyzer.

Note that the default Kiuwan extension for Oracle Forms files is “oforms”. For this reason, you should rename the xml files, replacing “xml” with “oforms” or adding the “oforms” extension.

If you prefer to analyze in the cloud, you can create a ZIP archive with the generated XML files to upload to Kiuwan, but keep in mind you need to rename or add the “oforms” extension to those files before creating the ZIP file.