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REST API Enhancements

  • Add attribute 'muted' for the endpoint /insights/analysis/security GET method
  • New endpoint: GET /applications/mutepatterns
  • New endpoint: GET /applications/{application}/defect/{defectId}/firstdate
  • New parameter for GET /apps/analysis/{code}/defects endpoint to filter muted status
  • Add PDF download to life cycle and rest API to obtain the pdf. New endpoint GET /audits/result/componentsPDF 
  • New parameters for GET/insights/analysis/summary/export endpoint 
  • New endpoint GET/auditResult/components
  • New endpoint POST/applications/defects/mute
  • Change return status for PUT /users/{username} endpoint when some of the applications in the request list do not exist
  • GET/stats endpoint returns new "24hlocs" value.

MT7 (Kiuwan General Bug Fixing)

  • SAS-5556  Improve Portfolio edition time 
  • SAS-5627  Insights Sysadmin console induces OOM
  • SAS-5786  Add log traces to InsightResportHandler and used classes
  • SAS-5824  Change default value for new customers
  • SAS-5891  Duplicate key storing Insights' Hibernate DependencyBean


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