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New version of Kiuwan, CQM, and Kiuwan Engine 


Main features of this release are:

  1. Kiuwan CQM (v1.2.18) and Engine
    • Support for SAP HANA - SQLScript (17 new rules for SQLScript)
    • Enhanced support for security in Python (24 new security rules)
    • Recategorization of TypeScript and Angular rules
    • Improved documentation of Java SQL-Injection and XSS rules
    • Bug fixing, performance and reliability improvements in rules for Cobol, Abap, RPG, Java, JavaScript, ObjetiveC, JPS, C#, C++ and VB.NET

  2. Kiuwan website
    • New passwords policy

  3. Kiuwan Insights
    • Enhanced readability of Software Licenses Terms
    • Improved analysis performance and components/vulnerabilities detection


Kiuwan CQM and Engine

New SAP HANA SQLScript Rules

As SAP is introducing many new programming technologies, more and more SAP users are confronted with new languages besides ABAP.

One of these is SAP HANA SQLScript, which is used to develop high-performance stored procedures for the SAP HANA in-memory database. 

Kiuwan adds support for SQLScript by providing a specific set of SQLScript rules (*) that will apply to files with extensions: .sqlscript and .hana

  • OPT.HANA.EFFICIENCY.AvoidTraceInProduction 
  • OPT.HANA.EFFICIENCY.AvoidUsingCursors 
  • OPT.HANA.EFFICIENCY.DeeplyNestedSubqueries 
  • OPT.HANA.EFFICIENCY.ModificationStatementInLoop 
  • OPT.HANA.EFFICIENCY.NonTrivialSubquery 
  • OPT.HANA.EFFICIENCY.ReadsSqlDataNotSpecified 
  • OPT.HANA.EFFICIENCY.SelectInScalarFunction 
  • OPT.HANA.EFFICIENCY.UnusedVariable 
  • OPT.HANA.EFFICIENCY.UseOfCalculationEngineOperator 
  • OPT.HANA.MAINTAINABILITY.LanguageNotSpecified 
  • OPT.HANA.RELIABILITY.ImproperParameterUsage 
  • OPT.HANA.RELIABILITY.NonCustomErrorCode 
  • OPT.HANA.RELIABILITY.UseOfUninitializedVar 
  • OPT.HANA.SEC.ExcessivePrivilegesGranted 
  • OPT.HANA.SEC.ForbiddenCall 
  • OPT.HANA.SEC.SqlInjection


New Python security rules

  • OPT.PYHTON.SECURITY.AvoidHostNameChecks 
  • OPT.PYHTON.SECURITY.TooMuchOriginsAllowed 
  • OPT.PYTHON.SECURITY.InsufficientSessionExpiration 
  • OPT.PYTHON.DJANGO.InsufficientDjangoSettingsSessionExpiration 
  • OPT.PYTHON.SECURITY.CookiesInSecurityDecision 
  • OPT.PYTHON.SECURITY.ExecutionAfterRedirect 
  • OPT.PYTHON.SECURITY.FormatStringInjection 
  • OPT.PYTHON.SECURITY.HardcodedCryptoKey 
  • OPT.PYTHON.SECURITY.HardcodedSalt 
  • OPT.PYTHON.SECURITY.HttpParameterPollution 
  • OPT.PYTHON.SECURITY.InformationExposureThroughErrorMessage 
  • OPT.PYTHON.SECURITY.InsufficientKeySize 
  • OPT.PYTHON.SECURITY.LdapInjection 
  • OPT.PYTHON.SECURITY.PasswordInConfigurationFile 
  • OPT.PYTHON.SECURITY.PasswordInRedirect 
  • OPT.PYTHON.SECURITY.PlaintextStorageInACookie 
  • OPT.PYTHON.SECURITY.PotentialInfiniteLoop 
  • OPT.PYTHON.SECURITY.TrustBoundary 
  • OPT.PYTHON.SECURITY.UncheckedInputInLoopCondition 
  • OPT.PYTHON.SECURITY.UnsafeReflection 
  • OPT.PYTHON.SECURITY.UserControlledSQLPrimaryKey


(*) You can find new rules by comparing this release of CQM against previous version.  

A detailed description of the behavior of these new rules is available in rule’s description.

Unless you have blocked Kiuwan Engine, Kiuwan Local Analyzer will automatically upgrade it to the last version once a new analysis is run.

In order for these new rules be applicable, your Kiuwan account must be configured to allow automatic engine upgrade:

  • If you are using CQM, these new rules will automatically become active and will be applied to new analyses.
  • If you are using your own custom model, you can activate them in case you want to be applied to your code.


Recategorization of TypeScript and Angular rules

After adding support to TypeScript, it was not clear for many users that TypeScript support was embedded within JavaScript.

This approach led to some confussions, so we have unified JavaScript and TypeScript as a unique technology (JavaScript/TypeScript), instead of just JavaScript as before). 

Although some would argue that JavaScript and TypeScript should be considered as different languages, Kiuwan rules for JavaScript were re-written to apply to both languages.

  • All existing JavaScript rules are able to distinguish between JavaScript  and TypeScript source code, acting accordingly.
  • Nevertheless, there are some rules specific to TypeScript (filter : Framework -> TypeScript )

Besides, Angular rules have been cathegorized according to Angular versions:

  • Angular versions previous to 2.x : filter : Framework -> AngularJS
  • Angular versions equal or above 2.x  : filter : Framework -> Angular


Kiuwan Website

New Passwords Policy

Kiuwan has implemented a more strict password policy that applies to password strength. 

This new policy will be applied to any new password (a new one or a modification of a existing one).

For any account, there will be a default policy (12 characters, 2 capital, 2 special characters) but you can customize it to your own requirements.

You can set your acccount's password policy at Account Management >> Password Policies tab (only available to account owner)


Kiuwan Insights

Enhanced readability of Software Licenses Terms

Kiuwan Insights has improved the information about software Licenses.
Now, its' quite easy to understand the License terms because Kiuwan provides a visual description of the License in terms of Permissions, Limitations and Conditions.

Hovering the mouse over the terms you will get further detail.



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