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New release of Kiuwan Engine and Local Analyzer

Improvements in Kiuwan Engine



New Kiuwan Engine (master.p471.q7474.a1734):

  • Kiuwan Local Analyzer can now be executed with Java 9 JDK/JRE
  • Enhancements in vulnerabilites detection (mainly in Java and C#)
  • Security rules categorized according to final release of OWASP Top-10 2017
  • Bug fixing, performance and reliability issues in rules: Java, JavaScript, JSP and C#

There's also a new distribution of Kiuwan Local Analyzer (master.1003.p471.q7474) delivered for compatibility with new engine.

Improvements in Kiuwan Site

  • Analysis Log page allows to see applied source code filters (includes and excludes) in the analysis.



  • Delivery pages allow to see delivery analysis' log 


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