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Kiuwan is a powerful, end-to-end application security platform supporting 30+ programming languages. Our comprehensive toolset will empower your team with a combination of SAST, SCA, and QA. Identify vulnerabilities in your applications and remediate them rapidly. The flexibility of both cloud-based and on-premise solutions means you get seamless integration with any development environment.

Trusted by Developers Worldwide for 20 Years

Developers at the world’s leading brands rely on Kiuwan to ensure application security, keep important data safe, and accelerate time to market

Our Products

Code Security

SAST: Static Application Security Testing
Kiuwan SAST is compliant with stringent security standards including CWE, OWASP, PCI, CERT, and SANS.


SCA: Software Composition Analysis
Reduce risk from third-party components. Remediate vulnerabilities and ensure license compliance.


Code Analysis & Software Governance
Fast code analysis in a cloud environment for security QA/engineers and IT teams.

Bring Code Security to Your SDLC

From code analysis to governance, Kiuwan is critical to the dev process. Code analysis identifies defects, lifecycle audits software deliveries, and governance manages your application portfolio to gauge risks.
App Vulnerability Testing with Kiuwan

IDE Integration and Multi-Language Support

Kiuwan supports 30+ programming languages and integrates with popular IDEs, making it perfect for a variety of development needs, from WordPress to Python and everything in between.
Complete List of Languages We Support

Industry Leading Security Standards

Kiuwan aligns with OWASP, CWE, CVE, CPE, and NIST standards, ensuring ultimate protection and compliance so you can have peace of mind knowing your code meets industry regulations.
OWASP Security Testing

In the Cloud or On-Premise

Run Kiuwan in the most efficient way for your team, with cloud-based solutions for easy access or a local analyzer for secure and seamless integration with dev environments.

Accessible & Actionable Security Reports

Kiuwan provides you with detailed and regular reports, enabling you to justify security investments, review vulnerabilities, and identify app and code quality issues requiring remediation.

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App Shielding & Hardening

UI Test Automation

Targeted Automated Testing

Test Management Platform

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