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Twenty Five Software Industry Goals
for the Years 2015 through 2019

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White Paper by Capers Jones


thefutureProgress in the software industry has resembled a drunkard's walk, with both improvement and regressions occurring at the same time. For example agile is an improvement for small projects, but pair programming is a regression and an expensive one to boot.

The two oldest and most widely used metrics, cost per defect and lines of code, don't show progress and actually distort reality. Cost per defect penalizes quality and lines of code penalize high level languages.

This short paper provides 25 tangible goals that should be achievable within 5 years, assuming a starting year of 2015.

pr6Capers Jones is currently vice president and chief technology officer of Namcook Analytics LLC. Capers is a well-known author and international public speaker, he and his colleagues have collected historical data that is used for judging the effectiveness of software process improvement methods and also for calibrating software estimation accuracy.

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