StarQ partnership

StarQ are excited to announce a new strategic partnership that has just been signed with Optimyth Software to leverage their flagship product, Kiuwan.

London, 19th January 2016

starq_logoKiuwan is a SaaS solution for measuring and analyzing the risk, security, technical debt, and many other enterprise software analytics of client business-critical applications. The new product fits perfectly with StarQ’s service offering and will help reduce costs, improve application quality & security and generate greater value for clients.

“Having StarQ as a partner is very important for us to establish a strong footprint in the regions they operate. Their expertise in everything related with application portfolio management, the excellent relationships they foster with their customers and our state of the art SaaS product Kiuwan, provides a winning combination of expertise and technology. Companies will have the ability to define continuous software measurement and analysis processes to deliver high quality software solutions. We are very proud of having them on board.” Jesús Martín, CEO at Optimyth Software.

The new partnership means StarQ can offer Kiuwan as a solution to all our existing and future customers. “Kiuwan will help StarQ to offer a new brand of services to reduce test and coding efforts, improve productivity, govern complex application portfolios and even manage external software providers based on objective information. These services will perfectly complement our existing offering placing StarQ in a leading market position”, said Colin Watson, Managing Partner at StarQ.

About StarQ

At STARQ we have one goal – to improve the quality of your software. We have developed a fully integrated test consulting strategy, one that involves us working hand-in-hand with your teams and offering a comprehensive range of services from automation to performance testing, outsourcing and resourcing too. Using this framework of solutions, we have been able to assist a wide range of organisations in reducing their product development time by identifying any potential issues pre-launch, saving them time and money, and helping to ensure their ultimate success. More information can be found at

About Kiuwan & Optimyth

Kiuwan is a brand of Optimyth Software launched in June 2013. Based on state of the art technology, it is the first real SaaS solution to get reliable enterprise software analytics from you applications to allow you make the best decisions for continuous improvement.

Kiuwan is secure, users don’t have to share their code if they don’t want to; affordable, users can start for free or analyze large applications for just a few pounds a month; easy, all the power of the Kiuwan enterprise software analytics at your fingertips; and fast, no installation nor configuration required, users are up and running, and can see results in minutes. More information available at