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Application Security Solutions for Your Organization

Cybersecurity breaches are a serious threat to modern software companies, and the danger is only expected to rise. Deploying effective application security solutions will enable your team to catch potential issues before your code is deployed.

Kiuwan is an end-to-end application security platform that offers several solutions for teams of all sizes. Kiuwan’s tools will allow you to scan your code to detect vulnerabilities in your source code, enforce code guidelines, and manage open-source components.

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Our Appsec Tools



Static Application Security Testing (SAST) is a cornerstone of Kiuwan’s application security solutions. SAST analyzes source code for vulnerabilities, potential security weaknesses, and adherence to coding standards. It’s a white-box testing method that can reveal vulnerabilities like SQL injections before the code gets to the QA phase, which empowers developers to shift left to efficiently minimize any attack surface and prevent costly data breaches.

Our SAST tools use fast analysis and a distributed engine to seamlessly add security protection without creating bottlenecks in your workflows. Instead, Kiuwan easily integrates with your bug-tracking tools, build systems, and repositories. It also allows you to remove security silos that can create unhelpful barriers. Developers who use Kiuwan’s SAST software will be alerted to vulnerabilities as soon as they are entered into the code, which helps them learn best practices for creating secure code.

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Software Composition Analysis (SCA) is crucial for identifying and managing third-party components and open-source software used in applications. Kiuwan’s SCA tools provide powerful insights into potential security risks associated with these components. It compares your code against a vast library of open-source libraries to spot potential issues, and it tracks new patches and updates that may affect your code’s security. Our tools will help you ensure license compliance and block potential issues from your code before it is deployed.

Kiuwan’s SCA tools also include integrations with popular software tools such as Jenkins and IBM BlueMix DevOps Services.

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Code Analysis

Kiuwan’s comprehensive code analysis tools provide in-depth insights into code quality, security, and maintainability. This holistic approach ensures that organizations can address not only security concerns but also enhance the overall health of their codebase.

Kiuwan’s code analysis tools will help your team reduce tech debt by finding flaws in the code and creating visual models for selecting rules and properties. Our software includes Jenkins analysis tools to help you read the results of your analysis. Kiuwan’s code analyzer displays distribution graphics and tables, allowing users to view the characteristics of the defect, the language of the defective code, and the priority with which the defects should be addressed.

Who Uses Our Appsec Solutions?

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DevOps Developers

We know that DevOps developers operate in a fast-paced environment where agility and efficiency are paramount. Kiuwan’s application security solutions are tailored to seamlessly integrate with DevOps workflows, ensuring that security is an integral part of the development process rather than an afterthought.

Our software is built to seamlessly integrate with your continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline and create new security policies that help your team improve QA with efficiency.

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Enterprises require comprehensive security solutions. Kiuwan caters to the unique challenges faced by large organizations, offering scalability, in-depth analysis, and compliance management.

Kiuwan’s tools are built to scale effectively to your projects and make it easy to generate reports regarding application security analytics and compliance. We’ve worked with major corporations such as Quicken Loans and Fidessa, as well as government organizations such as UK Sport and the European Commission.

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Startups can often be resource-constrained and need agile and cost-effective solutions to fortify their applications against potential threats. Kiuwan’s application security tools are designed to meet the specific needs of startups, providing a robust yet accessible security framework.

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Everyone Else

Kiuwan also allows you to build a custom pricing package based on your needs and your budget. Instead of a one-size-fits-all model, we offer site licenses with unlimited apps and users, with prices based on total LOC and deployment mode. In addition to our continuous scanning service, Kiuwan also performs individual scans that are ideal for security audits, technical support, and managing licensing risks.

Why Kiuwan?

Kiuwan is a robust security platform that supports more than 30 major programming languages and frameworks. So whether you need a WordPress vulnerability scanner, Python code analyzer, or other automated code review tool, Kiuwan has it covered.

Kiuwan is also aligned with OWASP, CWE, CVE, CPE, and NIST security standards, so developers and dev teams know they’re getting the ultimate protection. Companies that add Kiuwan to their tool stack have seen a 20% increase in performance and quality.

We have more than 20 years of experience creating cutting-edge application security solutions for banking, finance, government, manufacturing, education, B2B, and other sectors. Join the hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of users who have trusted Kiuwan to prevent costly data breaches from affecting their teams.


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