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Kiuwan Announces Partnership with Serena and Integration with Dimensions CM 14.2

Kiuwan can be easily used from the new Continuous Inspection toolchain, part of the recently released Dimensions CM 14.2


Maitland, Florida – Kiuwan (, Optimyth’s software measuring and analysis solution in the cloud, announced today its new technology partnership with Serena Software ( The agreement will allow both companies to leverage each other’s technologies to offer our customers complete ALM solutions. A leading provider in this space, Serena’s vision is to help developers to focus 100% on developing great applications; Kiuwan complements this vision allowing developers to make sure their applications are, in fact, great. The first outcome of this agreement is the integration of Kiuwan with the latest Dimensions CM release.

Serena Dimensions CM 14.2 and Serena Pulse

“We’ve been working with Serena some years ago when we started integrating our on-premise solution. With the release of Kiuwan bringing software analytics to the cloud, and the efforts Serena is making for a more collaborative environment in the ALM space, we immediately saw the potential to integrate Kiuwan with Serena Dimensions CM” said Javier Salado, Partner Development Manager at Optimyth Software.


This integration allows Serena Dimensions CM users to seamlessly analyze their source code as part of a highly integrated continuous inspection tool-chain you can define. The defects found by Kiuwan are decorated in the source code  itself for the code review. This way, developers can collaborate in the code review with an objective starting point based on Kiuwan findings. Additionally, the high level indicators calculated by Kiuwan (risk, global software indicator and technical debt) are available in the aggregated KPI dashboard. Along with other interesting metrics coming from Dimension CM and others from Kiuwan like the removed and newly introduced defects between versions.

The benefits for distributed agile teams for example are huge. With the Serena Dimensions CM Kiuwan – Pulse integration, development teams have everything they need in a single place: Source code and configuration management, continuous integration, static code analysis, collaborative code review and more.

“We are thrilled with the partnership with Optimyth and the integration of Kiuwan into our integrated continuous Inspection tool chain, available with Dimensions CM. Together we are closing the “gap” as more customers adopt DevOps practices such as “Shift-Left”, providing rapid feedback to development, increasing team velocity and speeding release readiness and compliance”, said Don Irvine, Serena’s Vice President and Product Manager for Dimensions CM.

About Serena Software

Serena Software is the largest independent Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) vendor with more than 2,500 enterprise customers. Serena helps the highly regulated large enterprise move fast without breaking things – increasing velocity of the software development lifecycle while enhancing security, compliance, and performance. More information is available at

About Kiuwan and Optimyth

Kiuwan is a brand of Optimyth Software launched in June 2013. Based on state of the art technology, it is the first real solution to measure and analyze your software in the cloud.

Kiuwan is secure, users don’t have to share their code if they don’t want to; affordable, users can start for free or analyze large applications for just a few dollars a month; easy, all the power of the Kiuwan indicators and metrics at your fingertips; and fast, no installation nor configuration required, users are up and running, and can see results in minutes. More information available at and

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