Meet Kiuwan at the FS-ISAC 2020 Europe Virtual Summit

Meet Kiuwan at the FS-ISAC 2020 Europe Virtual Summit

Date: 4-5 November, 2020

Time: 9 AM to 5 PM EDT

Come talk application security with the Kiuwan team at the FS-ISAC 2020 Europe Virtual Summit! You’ll find us in the Expo, where we’re giving away two free ebooks: Why Businesses Need Application Security and 4 Steps to an Improved DevSecOps Process.

Are you faced with the challenge of securing a legacy application written in a language like COBOL? Or perhaps you’re making the transition to DevOps, and need a way to check the security of your application that doesn’t create a bottleneck? Our experts in SAST and SCA solutions will be happy to connect with you to explore solutions over live video chat.

FS-ISAC members can attend the summit at no cost. Registration is still open. Paid registration is available for non-members who meet the FS-ISAC qualifications here.

The summit program will feature presentations on the fraud and security challenges facing financial institutions. Attendees can choose from a mix of live and on-demand sessions covering areas such as digital currency; cloud/virtual environments; governance, risk management, and compliance; and more.

If you’re unable to attend the event but would like to learn more about Kiuwan solutions, simply complete the information request form on the right. We’re ready to help!

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