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SDLC (Secure Development Life Cycle) is covering a wider range of features and responsibilities generating new figures like the DevSecOps, whose purpose and intent is to build on the mindset that “everyone is responsible for security” with the goal of safely distributing security decisions at speed and scale to those who hold the highest level of context without sacrificing the safety required.
Along this paper we will try to understand the impact of Digital Transformation in the companies, the society and the new applications developed to serve the new digital necessities with the highest security level.

Some figures:

Security and Vulnerability Management market in US will overcome 20Bn$ accumulated between 2018-2021

Security-Led Development Will Be a Priority for 90% of Orgs by 2020

Vulnerability assessment market will have a growth of 23,9% (CAGR) in the coming 3 years until 2021 at the US market

By 2021, a Vulnerability Exposed in a Widely Used Open Source OS Will Leave 10% of the World’s PaaS/IaaS Cloud Vulnerable to Breach