Governance & Lifecycle

Designed for Security/QA Engineers & IT Teams

Kiuwan allow you to make decisions about your application portfolio, compare applications, assess the evolution and asses the best repair scenario to fit your specific needs. 

Governance Offers Tools Such As:

✓ Decision Quadrants To Detect Risky Applications
✓ Evolution To Predict the evolution of your portfolio
✓ Activity To Manage Activity Of Your Dev Teams

Kiuwan SCA Mockup
Group By Portfolios


Kiuwan Governance allows teams to group results of analysis performed on code by portfolios, supporting management at an executive level. The four default portfolios include:

– Business Value

– Provider

– Technology

– Quality Model

action plans screenshot

Fully Manage App Life Cycle

From Baseline To Deliveries, Stay On Track

Kiuwan allows establishment of a baseline version of the app, with known states around quality indicators, defects and associated action plan.

– Track Application Modifications & Relationships

– Trace Progress Of New Versions Against Baseline

– Define Validation Conditions & Automatically Measure

– Evolve The Baselines, By Promoting Deliveries


Lifecycle Screen

Fully integrated with your IDE

Kiuwan allows for a true shiftleft approach by integrating with all the main IDEs.
We cover Eclipse, Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, Phpstorm, Pycharm and Webstorm so developers can visualize and analyze directly from their IDE, learning best coding practices with contextual remediation advice.

eclipse ide


The 1 min explainer

30+ supported languagess