Emerasoft & Kiuwan

Emerasoft takes a step forward in Software Analytics thanks to Kiuwan, new business partner.

Detecting errors before the transition to production, fostering integration with the continuous development process and applying a rigorous approach to detect security vulnerabilities are key milestoned for every business reality.
Each of these goals can be easily achieved thanks to Kiuwan.
Kiuwan is a SaaS solution for measuring and analyzing the risk, security, technical debt, and many other enterprise software analytics of client business-critical applications.
Kiuwan, in fact, through tailored reports based on industry standards, guarantees with the most accuracy both a comprehensive view of the application portfolio and the examination of the individual details.
“A proper and complete management of the application portfolio translates into an economic advantage for the company. That’s why we chose to establish a partnership with Kiuwan, providing our customers with an additional level of protection for enterprise applications, able to garuantee a complete integration between quality and safety. “Riccardo Bernasconi, Emerasoft CEO
To inaugurate the new partnership, Emerasoft and Kiuwan will present on September 28 the webinar (in Italian): “Kiuwan: come gestire l’Asset Applicativo secondo i migliori standard di Sicurezza e Qualità”.
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About Emerasoft

We face new ways of conceiving and using objects or services. These are the IT Game Changers, which have increased architectural and design complications in favour of ever greater access to services and information.

But if we are ready for the future as users, are we also ready as providers of applications and services?

Emerasoft delivers expertise and solutions to address the new IT challenges without risks.

For more information: www.emerasoft.com – marketing@emerasoft.com

About Kiuwan

Kiuwan is a worldwide company providing an end-to-end Software Analytics platform to bring objective data and facilitate informed decisions regarding the cost, effort, activity, quality, maintainability, efficiency and dependencies of the Company’s applications.

For more information: www.kiuwan.com – contact@kiuwan.com