Kiuwan on premises is based on a client-server architecture that includes these major server components:

Kiuwan on premises can be deployed on a number of decentralized servers and accessed by users via HTTPS website.

Kiuwan and its roles

Kiuwan on Premises defines three different roles for each Kiuwan instance:

The default installation will create a Kiuwan instance of each role.

Supplied services

All needed services are supplied as Docker containers. The following table summarizes all the available services:

ImageProviderDefault number of containers
kiuwan/updaterkiuwanKiuwan1 (temporal)
mysql:5.7.27Docker Official Images1
redis:5.0.5Docker Official Images6 + 1 (temporal)

The following diagram shows the infrastructure that KoP installer will create by default:


The main purpose of each container is:

Clustering support

Depending on your needs, Kiuwan on premise architecture supports both clustered environments and monohost installations. You can:

All kiuwan instance containers can be scaled up or down to the default configuration.