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Kiuwan’s Technical Support Guide

Kiuwan’s Technical Support service can be used to get in contact with Kiuwan support team to submit incidences, queries , etc.



Your request will create a support ticket that will track all the details of your issue.

Submitting a request can be done through three different channels

  • by email

  • through Help Widget

  • from Kiuwan Help Center

Whatever be the channel you use, you will be able to manage and view all your tickets at Kiuwan Help Center (


How to access Kiuwan’s Technical Support

1. By sending an e-mail to Kiuwan Support (



Easiest way to create a support request is sending an e-mail to


As soon as this email is received, a support ticket is created and you will receive a acknowledgement message identifying your request id.

Your request (456) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

Additionally to, you can also use , both support email addresses are equivalent.

2. Using Kiuwan Help Widget




You can also create a ticket from the Help widget.



Help Widget is available when you log in to your kiuwan account, and you can find it at the bottom-right of any page.


Just click on the Help Widget .


Help Widget allows you to search Kiuwan Knowledge Base by introducing any key term


Or you can also send us a message by providing your contact email address.

Similarly to sending an email to,  you will receive a acknowledge email providing your ticket id.

Your request (456) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

3. Kiuwan Help Center ( )



You can access Kiuwan Help Center at .

Clicking on Submit a request link will display a form where you can enter your request.

Register at Kiuwan Help Center



To create an account at Kiuwan Help Center, just click on Sign in link and select Sign up 

A form will appear asking you for your full name and an e-mail address.

Then, you will receive a verification e-mail :

Subject:  Welcome to Kiuwan@Zendesk


Welcome to Kiuwan support channel on Zendesk.

Through this channel, you will be able to ask for help to any question or problem you might have.

Please click the link below to create a password and sign-in.

Click on the link and set your password

After setting your password, you will be logged in.

Creating a new Request from  Kiuwan Help Center


Once logged in at Kiuwan Help Center , you can create a new request by clicking on Submit a request 



The Submit a request  form will be displayed when you can enter the subject and content of your request.

Note that as you type your subject, Help Center will display some candidates articles related to your subject.

By clicking on any of the suggested  articles you will be redirected to the article.

You can create as many tickets as you need.

Viewing all my Requests


To view all your requests you should select My activities in the drop-down menu.

Then you will be presented with the list of your support requests

Just click on the link of any of the requests and you will be able to access the full history as well as respond to any message.

Viewing all the Requests of my Kiuwan account



By default, you will only have access to tickets directly created by you.

Nevertheless, you can also see all the tickets of your Kiuwan account, not only yours.


To get access to all your account’s tickets please let us know by sending us a request.


Kiuwan Knowledge Base and Community


Kiuwan Help Center provides a Knowledge Base where you can search for help on topics you are interested.

You can type your query in the Search box (it will be suggesting related content) and will present the search results.



Search results comes from two sources:

  1. Knowledge Base

    1. Articles published by Kiuwan on different topics and sections

  2. Community

    1. Open forum where Kiuwan’s users make contributions via posts.


You can post by accessing Community and clicking on New Post button

New post form will be displayed.

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