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What does the plugin do?

Once you installed and configure the plugin in your Jenkins installation, you will be able to ask for a Kiuwan static analysis after build process. Plugin adds a link to analysis results in your Kiuwan account from the execution build page.

How to install?

Enter your Jenkins dashboard, Select ‘Manage Jenkins’, then ‘Manage Plugins’ and then, from the top tabs, select ‘Available’. In the list you can find Kiuwan Plugin using search function of your browser or using the search box provided by Jenkins. You must check and install. There is not need to reboot Jenkins.

How to configure?

First of all click manage Jenkins and then begin system configuration. Scroll down to the Kiuwan section. You only need to configure your Kiuwan account credentials. To do this, you must follow the steps indicated in help section:

How to run analysis in build process?

In your project configuration you can add an action called "Analyze your source code with Kiuwan!". Then some configuration fields will apear:

After build process ends, you will get a link to Kiuwan analysis result in your execution details window:

Have fun analyzing continuously!!

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