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Delivery Analysis Without Baseline

The key feature of this update is that it is now possible to run a delivery analysis without the need for a previous baseline.

This means that:

  • Any delivery analysis will now automatically run the associated audit with the selected application, even if there is no baseline.
  • Every checkpoint related to a baseline analysis, even one that does not exist, will be automatically OK.
  • If there is no baseline, all defects will appear as "new defects".
  • Your delivery can be promoted even without a related baseline analysis.
  • When you run a delivery analysis and there is no baseline to take the analysis model from, Kiuwan will automatically choose the CQM model.

We have also removed the error code 30: Delivery analysis not permitted: baseline analysis not found.

We have updated the following docs pages:


REST API Enhancements

We have added new features to our REST API:

  • New endpoint: GET /applications/defects/stillopen. It allows retrieving vulnerabilities found in an application, filtering by date, type, etc.
  • New endpoint: DELETE /analysis

Find more information in our REST API documentation.


Kiuwan On-Premises

We have released a new version of Kiuwan On-Premises which includes all the above updates and everything from the latest cloud version.