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Kiuwan for Developers (K4D) for JetBrains is a plugin that facilitates and automates compliance with security normatives, quality standards and best practices for several languages.

It provides the following benefits:

  • Security Vulnerabilities Detection Management- Kiuwan for Developers allows the developers to detect access and fix security vulnerabilities such as Injection (SQL, XML, OS, etc), XSS, CSRF, etc. directly integrated within , found by Kiuwan scans, right on their development IDEs).
  • Adoption of Security and Coding Standards – Ensuring the compliance of standards (CWE, OWASP, CERT-Java/C/C++, SANS-Top25, WASC, PCI-DSS, NIST, MISRA, BIZEC, ISO/IEC 25000 and ISO/IEC 9126) by a development department can be a long and tedious task without the support of some sort of tool that will facilitate and automate this work. This plugin connects with Kiuwan and harness the power of its quality security models to prevent errors and automatically standardise the code.Automatic Error Prevention – Coding standards are specific rules for a programming language. By implementing and monitoring compliance with these standards at the time the code is entered you can avoid errors and reduce the time and cost of debugging and testing activitiesand audits to enforce security standards and policies.
  • Full vulnerabilities documentation – Developers have access, right on their IDEs, to the full Kiuwan vulnerabilities documentation of any of the displayed vulnerabilities listed for the specific projects. This includes code samples on how to fix them in the same language of the project.


Kiuwan for Developers has been succesfully tested with for JetBrains 2018.*.* version of next products :

  • Intellij IDEA (2017.1 and above)
  • PhpStorm
  • PyCharm
  • Android Studio (3.0.1 and above)
  • CLion (2019.1)