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  • Each Kiuwan On-Premises frontal instance domain name is wildflykiuwan-f[n], being [n] the frontal instance number. Note that depending on your installation needs you may want to access each instance via IP or its own host name.
  • Each Kiuwan On-Premises frontal instance only exposes the port 8[n]43 for https traffic, being [n] the frontal instance number.
  • You should provide your frontal service the needed certificates in order to make https connections available (please refer to Managing certificates for more information):
    • domaincert.pem
    • domainkey.pem
    • cacert.pem

Externalizing Redis

In case you set Redis as an external service, Kiuwan On-Premises needs to know where each Redis nodes are deployed and which ports to use when connecting to them.

In case you use an special DNS that can resolve the same host to different hosts and ports (DNS Round-Robin or equivalent), you should configure just an single host.

All the needed configuration is located in the main configuration file:

  • [VOLUMES_DIR]/config-shared/globalConfig/

The following table shows the properties to configure (note that you should set exactly the same configuration for both "cache" and "store" Redis configurations:

 Comma separated list of host and port for each Redis,,,,,
 redis.[cache|store].clientNameName of the client connection 
redis.[cache|store].passwordPassword to use when connecting to a node (leave empty if you have set no password access) 
redis.[cache|store].timeoutConnection timeout in milliseconds2000

It is mandatory for Kiuwan On-Premises to work with your Redis installation that it complies with these characteristics:

  • Redis version must be equal or higher than 5.0.4.
  • Redis must be configured as a cluster.
  • Eviction policy must be set to "noeviction" (refer to Redis official documentation, maxmemory-policy configuration property).

Installation: advanced configuration