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When setting to "true" any of the previous properties, the corresponding service will be externalized and the installation tool will not manage any related instance. Note that all the configuration will be up to you, as the Kiuwan On-Premise installer will only be able to configure how Kiuwan On-Premise will connect to your own services.

Externalizing Apache

When externalizing this service you should take into account that:

  • Each Kiuwan On-Premises frontal instance domain name is wildflykiuwan-f[n], being [n] the frontal instance number. Note that depending on your installation needs you may want to access each instance via IP or its own host name.
  • Each Kiuwan On-Premises frontal instance only exposes the port 8[n]43 for https traffic, being [n] the frontal instance number.
  • You should provide your frontal service the needed certificates in order to make https connections available (please refer to Managing certificates for more information):
    • domaincert.pem
    • domainkey.pem
    • cacert.pem

Installation: advanced configuration