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Once the installation is finisished please refer to the Installation guide section.

Installation: modifying the default domain

The default configuration sets "kiuwan.onpremise.local" as the default domain to access Kiuwan On-Premises.

We encourage to change the default domain, but take into account that this means updating the provided certificates to keep your installation connections secure.

Step 1: edit the global configuration file

Using your favourite editor, edit the default configuration file located in your config-shared volume:

Code Block
vim [VOLUMES_DIR]/config-shared/globalConfig/

Edit these properties (kiuwan.port is only needed if you want to use https under a different port than the default 443):

  • kiuwan.domain
  • kiuwan.port

Step 2: generate new certificates

Please refere to the Managing certificates guide and follow the needed steps depending on your needs.

Once this is done, you should have these files under the [INSTALL_DIR]/user-content/certs folder:

  • cacert.pem
  • domainkey.pem
  • domaincert.pem
  • domainkeystore.jks
  • truststore.jks

Step 3: complete your installation

If you are performing a new Kiuwan On-Premises installation, please refer to the steps indicated in the following sections, depending on your installation needs:

If you have already installed Kiuwan On-Premises, you will need to stop your containers, update the deployed configuration and restart them. To do so, execute these commands:

Code Block
cd [INSTALL_DIR]/docker
sudo ./
sudo ./
sudo ./
sudo ./start
sudo ./
sudo ./

Installation: advanced configuration

All configuration properties you can edit are located in this file located inside your data-shared volume: