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You can also install Kiuwan on premises under your own AWS cloud, replacing the provided infrastructure services with compatible AWS services.


Clustering support

Depending on your needs, the Kiuwan on premise Premises architecture supports both clustered environments and single-host installations. You can:

  • Keep all services in an all-in-one host installation.
  • Under AWS, decide where each service will be installed, one by one (both kiuwan services and infrastructure, as long as you use AWS elasticache as Redis cluster).
  • Externalize one, some or all of the provided non-kiuwan Kiuwan services:
    • Apache load balancer
    • MySQL
    • Redis

All kiuwan Kiuwan instance containers can be scaled up (to a limit) or down to the default configuration. This means that you can start more containers of each kiuwan Kiuwan role depending on your load needs.