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Handling trusted certificates warning messages in your browser  and clients 

Kiuwan on Premises installer tool provides default certificates for the default host name, signed by a supplied CA (Certificate Authority).

The CA public certificate is provided in this file:

  • [INSTALL_DIR]/ssl/ca/cacert.pem

In order to make your browser trust the supplied certificates, you will need to add this CA to your browser, and Java clients that access your Kiuwan on premises installation:

  • Fixefox, Chrome, Edge: import cacert.pem by using the tools provided by the browsers.
  • Java clients (Kiuwan for developers Eclipse, Kiuwan for developers JetBrains, Jenkins, KLA, etc): add the provided cacert.pem to the JRE keystore used by the client. Please refer to the official documentation of your JRE distribution about the Java keytool program.
  • Windows clients (Kiuwan for developers VisualStudio): import cacert.pem by using the tools provided by Windows (certmgr.msc).
  • Multiplatform clients (Kiuwan for developers VisualStudioCode): import cacert.pem by using the tools provided by your OS.

Please refer to the Managing certificates section for a complete explanation on how to correctly handle this situation depending on your installation configuration.

Default users

Kiuwan on premise supplies two user accounts: