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  • Kiuwan front: receives and answers HTTPS requests, both for the web application and REST API calls.
  • Kiuwan analyzer: processes analysis results asynchronously.
  • Kiuwan scheduler: processes background tasks such as notifications or live database upgradesand Kiuwan Insights database updates.

The default installation will create a Kiuwan instance of each role.


Image nameServicesDefault number of containersMaximum number of containersProvider
kiuwan/updaterkiuwanupdaterkiuwan1 (temporal)1
mysql:5.7.27mysql11Docker Official Images


clustercreator1 (temporal)1

The following diagram shows the infrastructure that KoP installer will create by default:


  • Keep all services in an all-in-one host installation.
  • Decide Under AWS, decide where each service will be installed, one by one (both kiuwan services and infrastructure, as long as you use AWS elasticache as Redis cluster).
  • Externalize one, some or all of the provided non-kiuwan services:
    • Apache load balancer
    • MySQL
    • Redis

All kiuwan instance containers can be scaled up (to a limit) or down to the default configuration. This means that you can start more containers of each kiuwan role depending on your load needs.