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  • Single-host installation, including this services (see System architecture for more details):
    • loadbalancer
    • 1 kiuwan Apache as a load balancer.
    • A Kiuwan front instance.
    • 1 kiuwan A Kiuwan analyzer instance.1 kiuwan
    • A Kiuwan scheduler instance.
    • mysql
    • redisMySQL database.
    • Redis cluster.
  • HTTPS support when accessing Kiuwan and between the loadbalancer and kiuwan instances.
  • Kiuwan on premises deployed in the default domain (https://kiuwan.onpremise.local).


Code Block kiuwan.onpremise.local

Note that although installation proccess may have finished, the Kiuwan servers may need some minutes to start up. Please wait if you receive a "404 - Not Found" error message when accessing Kiuwan on premise.

Once the previous steps have been done, you should be able to access Kiuwan on premises entering your Kiuwan host in your browser: