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Once the upgrade is completed, you should see this versions in the KOP system administration console:


Step 2: stop Kiuwan

To stop the running Kiuwan and prevent creating more data before backuping it up, run this commands in the Kiuwan on premise host. Make sure there are no running analysis before stopping the application server:

Code Block
docker exec -it [kiuwan_on_premise_container_name] /bin/bash
supervisorctl stop wildfly

Step 3: backup your data

Now that the application server is stopped but not the container itself, you can access the MySQL server and persistent volume to backup your data.

Using mysqldump or MySQL Workbench, backup these schemas data and structure:

  • opt_activity
  • opt_cinc
  • opt_insight
  • opt_metamodel
  • opt_qmm
  • opt_transaction

Access your persisten volume and backup central and source code repositories, located in:

  • $DIR_PERSISTENT_VOLUME/$KIUWAN_HOST/KiuwanCentralWorkingDirectory
  • $DIR_PERSISTENT_VOLUME/$KIUWAN_HOST/repos/kiuwanSourceCodeRepository

Step 4: install Kiuwan on premises using the new installer tool (kiuwan-cluster)

Follow the steps provided in Kiuwan On-Premises Installation Guide to prepare your Kiuwan on premise new installation but do NOT perform the installation step (that may be executing or other scripts depending on your installation needs).

We recommend using a new host(s) machine(s), so the old installation does not interfere in any way.

If it is mandatory for you to use the same machine to install the new Kiuwan on premise, please make sure no persistent volume paths collide.

Step 5: restore your data

To restore your data into the new persistent volumes and database, follow these steps:

Step 6: start Kiuwan infrastructure