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Please follow Docker official recommendations when installing Docker. These URLs describe the installation process for different Linux distributions:

We also recommend using the target installation hosts exclusively for Kiuwan services. If you plan running other containers than Kiuwan's in a single-host installation, please make sure that non of them is using the following network:

Needed internet connections

Please make sure your host machines have connection to this servers when installing Kiuwan on premises:

HostNeeded whenPurpose
https://hub.docker.comInstallingThis is the main Docker server where the needed images will be pulled from.
https://static.kiuwan.comInstallingThis is Kiuwan's static content server, needed by the installer to download needed resources.

You own a Kiuwan on premises Insights license, both for installing and running

This is Kiuwan's central API endpoint, needed to update Insights vulnerabilities database.

CPU and memory minimum requirements


Installation: single-host and minimum configuration

If Follow this section if you want to proceed and install Kiuwan on premise with no further customization.

The defaults will install Kiuwan on premise with these characteristics:

  • Single-host installation, including this services (see System architecture for more details):
    • loadbalancer
    • 1 kiuwan front instance
    • 1 kiuwan analyzer instance
    • 1 kiuwan scheduler instance
    • mysql
    • redis
  • HTTPS support when accessing Kiuwan and between the



  • loadbalancer and kiuwan instances.
  • Kiuwan on premises deployed in the default domain (https://kiuwan.onpremise.local).

If this is enough for you, just continue with the following steps.

Step 1: deploy user content

On a terminal, navigate to the [INSTALL_DIR] folder and execute this command:

Code Block
sudo ./

This will copy the user-content files to the configured volumes and set the needed permissions.

Step 2: install Kiuwan on premises

On a terminal, navigate to the [INSTALL_DIR] folder and execute this command:

Code Block
sudo ./

This will:

  • Download and run the needed Docker images.
  • Install the database resources for Kiuwan on premises.
  • Download the latest available Local Analyzer, Engine and Kiuwan for Developers to make them available in your installation.
  • Install the engine data in your Kiuwan on premises database.
  • Autogenerate the needed configuration for each kiuwan instance.
  • Run all the needed containers.

Once the installation is finisished please refere to the

Installation: advanced configuration


Installation: clustered environments

Accessing Kiuwan on premises

Single host and minimum configuration

Custom hosts