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Kiuwan on premise installer is a powerful tool that suits multiple environment scenarios:


Please remember that [VOLUMES_DIR] here is just a placeholder for the real path you chose.

Step 7: configure your email server

Kiuwan needs an working and accessible e-mail server to send notifications.

Edit with your favourite editor the main configuration file, found in your [VOLUMES_DIR]:

Code Block
vim [VOLUMES_DIR]/config-shared/

Note that this is the file located in your [VOLUMES_DIR], not in the [INSTALLER_DIR], which only contains the base volumes.

Edit the following properties under the section named "Kiuwan instances shared configuration":

  • the host of your email server.

  • kiuwan.mail.port: the port of your email server.

  • kiuwan.mail.username: the username to use when authenticating with your email server.

  • kiuwan.mail.password: the password to use when authenticating with your email server.

  • kiuwan.mail.from: the email account to use as the sender.

  • kiuwan.default.mail.account: the email account to set to your default Kiuwan user.

Installation: single-host and minimum configuration

If you want to proceed install the


Installation: advanced configuration