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Please follow Docker official recommendations when installing Docker. Check the URLs for your Linux distribution:

We also recommend using the target installation hosts exclusively for Kiuwan services. If you plan running other containers than Kiuwan's, please make sure that non of them is using the following network:

CPU and memory minimum requirements


ServiceMemoryCPU cores
wildfly-f[n]1.5GB2 cores
wildfly-a[n]1.5GB2 cores
wildfly-s[n]1.5GB2 cores
mysql4GB4 cores
loadbalancer1GB1 core
redis_0000[n]2GB2 cores

Note: CPU clock speed and disk speed will affect overal response time. 

Above configuration is recommended for a system load that requires continuous service for:

  • Parallel processing of 2 analyses (any additional parallel analysis request will be enqueued, and it will be executed as soon as any of the running analyses finishes)
  • 50 concurrent web-user

The Kiuwan on premise installation tool (kiuwan-cluster)


Installation: common steps


Installation: single-host