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By default, all needed services will be installed in the same host. For custom distributed installations please refer to [to ******].

Supplied services

All needed services are supplied as Docker containers. The following table summarizes all the available services:


The following diagram shows the infrastructure that KoP installer will create by default:





 The main purpose of each container is:

  • loadbalancer: an Apache instance that balances the traffic between Kiuwan frontals (kept in the default installation to allow easy frontal scaling).
  • wildfly-f1: a Kiuwan frontal. Receives and answers HTTPS requests.
  • wildfly-a1: a Kiuwan analyzer. Processes analysis results asynchronously.
  • wildfly-s1: a Kiuwan scheduler. Processes background tasks as notifications and Insights database upgrades.
  • mysql: the main Kiuwan database.
  • redis_0000[n]: redis store nodes. Used by Kiuwan as a data cache.
  • clustercreator: a temporal redis container that configures each Redis node as a cluster.
  • updater: a temporal Kiuwan instance that installs, updates and upgrades needed data or configuration.