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This guide will show you how to export a model from one Kiuwan account and import it into another account. 



Table of Contents

There are various reasons why you would need to export and import a Kiuwan Model. For example, you may have two different Kiuwan accounts and need the same model in both, or you may have migrated to Kiuwan On-Premises from a Saas account. 

Exporting your model

  1. Go to Model Management from the drop-down menu on the upper right corner. 
  2. Select the model you want to export on the left (in this example: My Model). 
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  3. To export the model, go to the Rules tab. Then open the hamburger menu and select ZIP.
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  4. A zip file downloads.
  5. Unzip this file into a temporal directory.
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  6. You will find two directories (en and es). The en directory will contain the exported model files you will import later.

  7. Now the file is ready for import.

Importing the model

  1. Log into your other account.
  2. Go to Model Management.
  3. Select New. Enter the Model Name, select Create from Scratch and then click Create Model to save. 
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  4. The new model will appear in the menu on the right. This model has no active rules. 
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  5. Go to the Rules tab. 
  6. Open the hamburger menu and select Import rulesets.  
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  7. A dialog window will appear where you can upload the exported model files.

    Exported rules files follow this pattern:
    where <technology> is any of the technologies supported by Kiuwan (Java, JSP, C#, etc)

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    These steps must be done for every technology file.

    Currently, there's not an option to upload more than one file at a time. Therefore, the next steps must be repeated for every technology.

    Be sure to select the en directory when uploading the files.

  8. Once the technology file is uploaded, select the target model (the one that was created in step 3).

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  9. Click Next. and you will be presented with an import preview.
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  10. Click on Import and it's done.

The model will now contain the same configuration as the source model that you exported (activated rules, your priorities, rule parameters, etc.)

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To import the configuration of another technology, please repeat the above steps.


Once done, do not forget to Publish the model, to make it publicly available.