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Kiuwan for Developers can work in two different modes:

  • Analyzer mode

K4D allows you to analyze you application source code directly within (and fully integrated to) your IDE. You can analyze the whole project (or just some specific files), then review the detected vulnerabilities and defects, fix them and re-analyze, without exiting from your IDE.

  • Remote Viewer mode

K4D also lets you to "download" the vulnerabilities and defects stored at Kiuwan (in the last Baseline, or in a specific Delivery, or even the issues to be fixed according to a defined Action Plan). This way, you can goes directly to the issues you must fix, just double-clicking on the defects and going directly to the offending line of code.

Combining By using both modes, you can combine both viewsget a comprehensive undestanding :

  • the server view view of the application, and 
  • your local view of the defects according to the changes you are making to the source code