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The aim of this Troubleshooting Guide is to help you to identify, diagnose and resolve common problems you may be experiencing with Kiuwan.

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Contact Kiuwan Technical Support


titleTechnical Support Guide

If you need assistance with any of the steps, you cannot resolve your issue or you have any kind of question, please contact Kiuwan Technical Support for further help.

Please read Kiuwan


Technical Support Guide to contact us.


Depending on the nature of the error,


 an error report will be uploaded to


Kiuwan and support ticket will be automatically


opened (with a reference to a ticket ID).



provide the ticket id when you contact Kiuwan Technical Support.

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We will be happy to help you !!




with Kiuwan Errors



Kiuwan errors usually appear during the analysis process




The reasons can be of different nature and Kiuwan will show


you what the reason is and how to solve it (the vast majority of the problems are due to configurations that can be solved very easily).

  • If you are using Kiuwan Local Analyzer in Graphical User Interface mode (GUI), visual help and tips will be shown indicating the reason of the problem and a link to this guide to help you on how to solve it
  • If you are using Kiuwan Local Analyzer in Command-Line Interface (CLI), errors are reported in two ways:


      • Through messages to standard


      • output indicating the reason


      • for the problem


    • In case the problem


    • is produced in the cloud after running the analysis and executing the 2nd phase (metrics and indexes calculation), the analysis log page will indicate the reason



    Sometimes, depending on the nature of the error, an error report will be uploaded to Kiuwan and a support ticket will be automatically open (with a reference to a ticket ID).

    Please, provide the ticket id when you contact Kiuwan Technical Support.



    Error Code Reference for Kiuwan (AN errors) :

    Kiuwan Local Analyzer Exit Codes : 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :


    Troubleshooting Tips


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