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  • CIOs (Chief Information Officers) who need to make strategic decisions to improve software development.
  • CSOs (Chief Security Officers) who need to tackle security from the application perspective.
  • QA Managers and Engineers who need to control and monitor the quality state of applications under development.
  • Project Managers, how need to know the health of the projects they manage from a technical perspective.
  • Application Architects, who can discover structural flaws early in the development process.
  • Operations who need to know the level of quality and security of the application they have in production.
  • DevOps, if companies are taking that transformation path Kiuwan is an essential tool for the people who make it happen.
  • Integration and Deployment Managers, who need to make sure the structural and technical health of the applications they are moving in their respective pipelines is what is expected in the next environment.
  • Developers, who want to develop the best software possible and learn as much as possible in the process.



Architecture of Kiuwan 



Kiuwan is a SaaS cloud platform, 24x7 fault-tolerant infrastructure (AWS).

It is built on a hybrid cloud architecture and a distributed analysis engine, offering you the best of both approaches (cloud and on-premise).


Identify code defects and manage your remediation effort with blazingly fast speed in a collaborative and unlocalized environment. Your developers and project managers will have all the information they need to continuously improve applications.

Kiuwan Architecture

Kiuwan Architecture offers a revolutionary approach to Application Inventory Management, letting you to detect and surfaces the components and dependencies in your applications, giving you the ability to truly understand your architecture and applications’ structure.