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Kiuwan gathers evidence form application's source code using home grown original Kiuwan static analyzers.

It supports more than 20 different technologies, from J2EE to .NET, including legacy techs (SAP, Cobol,etc) and SQL

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Based on this evidence, Kiuwan calculate and presents relevant Software Analytics metrics to help different stakeholder in the SDLC, make informed decisions and manage all kinds of aspects of the process with the common goal of continuously improve software and processes.

Kiuwan support Static Analysis for more than 20 technologies and basically does the following:

  • Source code static analysis, either locally —through a downloadable agent— or in the cloud —uploading the code to Kiuwan site—
  • In-deep detection of Security Vulnerabilities, providing detailed reports on where the vulnerabilities appear, their correlation to Security standards, providing remediation clues and assessing remediation progress.
  • Quality Defects detection that affect  important software characteristics: Reliability, Efficiency, Maintainability and Portability
  • Calculation of Software Metrics —number of violations, complexity, design, volume...—.
  • Detection of Duplicate Code.
  • Calculation of Global Software Indicators, necessary for the governance and management of the software applications portfolio —Risk associated with the structural Security and Quality of the code, Global Indicator and software characteristics indicators, Effort to target, Technical debt —.