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Reports Management



Kiuwan Governance provides an out-of-the-box PDF report that you can generate by selecting PDF option in Summary section. Sometimes, that report does not completely suite your needs.

Here comes Kiuwan Report to help you. With


With Kiuwan Report, you can create your own custom reports, specially suited to you own needs. Kiuwan let you to create as many reports as you want.


  1. A Kiuwan Report is first created, selecting its components from a widgets library. 
  2. Once the report is created, you publish it to make it generally available to the rest of the users. At any time, you will be able to modify any published report. 
  3. After publish the report, it can be “generated” (i.e. executed) by the users as many times as they need.



Only users granted with “report generation” privilege


can create


 a custom report. Once created, any user can “generate” the report.


Reports Creation

A Report is composed of widgets. A widget is a graphical element that displays information. When creating a Report, you select the widgets of your report selecting them among those that Kiuwan provides.  When selecting the widgets, every widget has configuration options that you will set to adapt the widget to your desired functionality.  Please see next section on available widgets.