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Clicking on the triangle icon at the left of every delivery will open details on the selected delivery.



Monitoring the execution of deliveries

Above tabs display "successfully finished” deliveries, i.e. analyses finished without any technical error condition.
But, what about monitoring “failed” or “ongoing” analyses?


Deliveries Tab incorporates a legend that provides information about “failed” and “in progress” delivery analyses.

  • By "failed" you should understand that analysis failed for some reason (you should check the log to see the exact reason), and there will not be any results for it.
  • By "in progress", the local analysis finished but the second phase (performed at the cloud) is still executing.

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This legend only appears when there are deliveries either in progress or failed.

In these cases, clicking on the legend will display a page where you can see the details of those deliveries.


For every delivery, you can see the status (running or failed). Also, you can access the log page and/or delete the current analysis.


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Clicking on “Back to completed deliveries” will take you back to the Deliveries tab.