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This guide will explain how to modify the default model that is used in the baseline analysis. 


Table of Contents

Deliveries and Model Management



By default, when you run a 'delivery' analysis, Kiuwan will use the same model (and version) used in the last baseline analysis

This default behaviour can be modified by enabling To modify this, enable the Force model in deliveries checkbox in the Application's configuration.


By enabling Force model in deliveriesBy enabling this:

  • the deliveries will use the latest version of the application's model 
  • you will be able to specify a model (different from the application's) when executing the delivery analysis.




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When you create an Application, by default, application is created, Force Model in deliveries is not enableddisabled by default

If you create Kiuwan applications programatically programmatically (i.e. not using the web interface), you can set this option also programaticallyprogrammatically.

Please visit Kiuwan Local Analyzer CLI - Command Line Interface Deprecated for for help on how to do it.