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mysql.hostYou MySQL installation hostmysqlkiuwan
mysql.portThe connection port to access your MySQL installation3306
mysql.usernameThe user that will be connecting to Kiuwan On-Premises schemas (should match the one provided in the previous step)csaas
mysql.passwordThe user's password (should match the one provided in the previous step) 

Installation: using Amazon S3 as file repository

Kiuwan On-Premises uses these shared file repositories to store analysis related data:

  • kiuwanCentralRepository: stores analysis results files.
  • kiuwanSourceCodeRepository: stores source code.

These two Kiuwan On-Premises internal file repositories can be replaced with Amazon S3 buckets.

To do so, you should first configure these properties in the main configuration file ([VOLUMES_DIR]/config-shared/globalConfig/

  • centralFileRepository.type=s3
  • sourceCodeFileRepository.type=s3

The following table shows the properties you should modify when making Kiuwan On-Premises connect to AWS S3 buckets:



Your AWS S3 bucket names3mycompany-us
s3.privateBucket.subDirectoryNameYour AWS S3 subdirectory name under the configured bucketmydirectory
s3.privateBucket.accessKeyIdAWS access key for your bucketBS3BX35Z27UAQCEACTPQ
s3.privateBucket.secretKeyIdAWS secret key for your bucketAasdfjklwe1234123lkjfasc21ssACasfEq124Da
s3.dir.centralFileRepositoryThe main key prefix that will be used to keep the central file repository entrieskiuwanCentralWorkingDirectory/analysisData
s3.dir.sourceCodeFileRepositoryThe main key prefix that will be used to keep the source code file repository entrieskiuwanCentralWorkingDirectory/analyzedSourceCode

Installation: advanced configuration

All configuration properties you can edit are located in this file located inside your data-shared volume: