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Please refer to Installation guide for details on these topics.

Installation: externalizing services

Kiuwan On-Premises uses three main services under its infrastructure's hood:

  • Apache: used as a load balancer when multiple Kiuwan frontal instances are running.
  • Redis: an in-memory cache to speed up response times.
  • MySQL: Kiuwan's main database.

If you want to use your own services for any of these pieces, Kiuwan On-Premises can connect to them bypassing their creation at installation time.

Configuring services to externalize

First of all, you will need to edit the main configuration file and mark which services you want to externalize:

  • [VOLUMES_DIR]/config-shared/globalConfig/

This table shows the properties you should modify when externalizing each service:

ServicePropertyDefault value

When setting to "true" any of the previous properties, the corresponding service will be externalized and the installation tool will not manage any related instance. Note that all the configuration will be up to you, as the Kiuwan On-Premise installer will only be able to configure how Kiuwan On-Premise will connect to your own services.

Installation: advanced configuration

All configuration properties you can edit are located in this file located inside your data-shared volume: